Wednesday, June 24, 2009


this week has been EXTREMELY fun (:

i have nothing interesting to say :)
byeee yuhhh ;]

Monday, June 22, 2009

today is fathers day,

and i didnt get much sleep.
wait yesterday was fathers day.
i woke up around 8 at night,
from my nap.
my dad was watching ultimate fighting or something.
and somehow i just realized,
i really love my father.
and spending time with him.
i feel horrible for ever being a bratt to him,
and even my ma.
i need a new attitude.
i'll search for it.
being happy would be a nice addition to my personality.
if that makes sense.
im not as thankful as i should be.
im glad i got lucky enough to have him as my dad :]
maybe ill add more later but im tired now haha.
goodnight <3

Friday, June 19, 2009


i need to sit down,
just to think and finally remind myself:
i have problems.
of course i don't want to over react,
so i don't.
in my head,
trust me i'm exploding.
i can't take it.
i reallyreallyreally miss my beffer right now.
i dont want anything to do with anyone,
except my beffer + ashton.
they made yesterday super fun.
im smart.
i keep it to myself.
people say don't.
i've learned its the best decision i could make.
debate it all you want.
it feels right,
and it saves me and you trouble.
this happens to much.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

establish a new state of mind.

of life filled with happiness,
so i can become a leedo happymess haha :]
i havent blogged in forever.
i like being home alone haha.
currently addicted to eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.
and extremely happy as of now.
i dont know why.
well maybe i do.
i feel a little guilty staying home today,
and not going to some thing for my brother.
my excuse was sick and tired.

schools takig foreverr! to enD :|
four days leftt! :]
idk byee <3