Friday, July 17, 2009

half the time,

i dont think anyone really knows what theyre talking about,
they dont understand either.
ignoring me doesnt help anything,
or anyone.
yes, im up this early because of you.
i lost my appetite.
i cant focus on anything else,
youre going to have to face it,
face me sometime.
you wont even see this.
venting to the internet?
but venting to people,
is so much harder.
no one wants to listen either.
well thats not true.
but i dont know.
you mightve just about ruined the rest of my summer +
anger much?
i know.
i need it to go away,
i need to calm down.
but how?
i dont know.
all i know is that im sick of crying,
and surviving on 3 hours of sleep.
i dont know,
i dont know what to think either.
bye for now.

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