Monday, August 3, 2009


blogging like i said i would.

honestly though!?
youre an @$$hole!
you know it!
wtf would you say something like that?
i dont understand it.
right as i started to get better,
and be happy again and take a nice giant step from those tears,
you brought it back.
i mean oh my gosh
youre not who i thought you were.
id love it if you officially say it.
like for real.
youve made me hate you.
not really,
i loathe you?
i dont know.
i dont know how you could do this,
or say this.
i mean for real.
youve just shoved anger & depression down my throat with such great strength,
that its broken me.
probably not.
because you dont care./
do you?
not anymore at least.
removing me from your life was supposed to make this situation better?
i cant handle this.
man up.

ps, i hate this bolog,
its not deep.
jusst honest feelings -__-

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