Tuesday, May 19, 2009

everyone says, how can you handle this?

i dont know how old this is,
maybe a few weeks old?
thought i should post it anyway :p

my simple response is
i really dont even know.
i dont know what to do.
you cant see my side of this picture.
i know it.
im not dumb.
i would like you to know that.
neither am i depressed right now,
which is strange.
i keep seeing things out of the corner of my eye and its freaky.
tomorrow should be a good day.
i just might be sleepy.
i cant wait til thursday.
today was fun,
but extremely busy.
i shouldnt even be blogging,
im still doing my project.
no one probably reads these haa.
sorry for wasting your time,
but then again thanks for your time <3

because i miss having the people who will listen always.
i know there's people,
but i dont want to see like a drama queen.
i need to stop a lot of things :|
i have millions of goals,
waiting to be achieved,
but its so hard.
and i need help to suceed./
im not angry, or sad, nor happy, nor glad.
i have no emotion right now.
just to finish everything before 12.
doubt it.
im sleepy already.
goodnight <3
thanks for your time (:

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