Monday, May 11, 2009

its best not to

talk to me when i'm depressed.
i will probably drag you down.
but i need someone there for me.
just like you need someone there for you.
have a heart please :|

i have a headache.
im sick.
im sad.
i want to cry.

who cares,
you dont.

i want someone to pull me up and pull me away form this violent monster that i call depression.
but its not working.
no one is here.
no one is helping.

i am alone and unwanted again.
surely thats how i'll feel tomorrow and probably the day after.

i miss you.
you'd put a smile on my face,
if only nothing was wrong with me.
and if nothing was wrong with you.
or if nothing was wrong with us.
i never thought id find a problem in this all.
but what do you know.
it found me like a hungry mouse finds cheese.

i thought i was a good friend.
i dont know anymore.
i think im loosing it all.
and all i feel like doing is blaming it on ugly depression.
can i help it/?
you wouldnt be able to either if you took a walk in my shoes.

you want me to be happy.
so do i.
but thats not helpful.
i dont know where im going with this right now.
welli dont even know where im going at all.
i dont even know how tomorrow will be.
++ math testing?
ha joy.
i hope saul will go.

you've got me sitting here,
thinking up every possible disaster that could be the whole root of the problem.
maybe im to mean?
maybe you think its done?
i dont know,
to much is jumping at me like claws,
scrapping for these glass eyes of mine.
stop please!
i cant walk tomorrow blind.
leave me alone.
i need some rest.
here comes a nightmare.
i may as well go meet it and get it over with.
goodnight, people
hello, nightmare.

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