Monday, May 11, 2009


mm i've been wondering this since about ten this morning,
when i walked home from school because i felt like crap

how can someone so pretty,
turn into someone so ugly?

i say if the inside is ugly,
the outside is just as bad.


Where'd All The Good People Go?
i'd love to meet someone who tells me the opposite of that.
but that seems pracitcally impossible.
this world is ugly and filled with ugly.
God's creation; i understand.
but it turned fea.
its just a test.
thats all i need to remember.

i feel like not saving you,
watching you fall,
because i know you hate it when i do help you out.
im sure your glad i helped later,
but at the moment,
you want to tape this mouth of mine shut,
and tell me go away!
this is my life!
not yours!
let me make my own mistakes!

thats how it truely is.
i'd love to just stop giving you crap.
but i cant.
i care to much about you.

i can't hellp it,
i'm sorry.
but i'm sure if you were to tell me something.
i'd sadly/probably rub it in your face later,
which would not be the right thing to do./

i want to be well/
i didnt get to talk to bestfriend today,
because im dying.
so we rescheduled for next monday.
i need to get better!
im hoping everything will work out.
and that i can quit over thinking like i always do.
but especially right now,
because im pretty sure its nothing.
if it is,
then i dont know what im to do.
because neither of you will care.
maybe a few will./
who knows.
i for sure dont.
you just might be confused.
just like i am right now.

maybe i should get off,
go clean,
and go pray.
because those seem to be the only thing comforting right now/.
nothing else,
and nothing less.

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