Tuesday, May 12, 2009

move right on in :]

stayed home yet again.
tomorrow i must go to school.
i did my hair,
and im not liking it so much.
it looks not the same.
maybe tomorrow it'll look normal.
and todays super hott.
well im hot right now./
my worries faded.
and i was glad.
but some more came,
but for friends not my own problems.
i was thankful for that,
not like in the mean way.
in a way where my arms can be open to them.
and like ive been craving for a while to help someone in need.
thank you.

beffer moved today/
should be interesting :]
she's staying for about two weeks?

i think.

im starving.
but to lazy to make food.
my tummy hurts too.
i think im done.

not depressed (:
but that means no deep thoughts for today.
just a simple happy blog hah (:

bye kids <3

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